On-the-Spot Wines


On-the-Spot Wines

Created at Exit Creative Company
Photography by
Kevin Trageser

On-the-Spot Wines bottles grapes grown exclusively in New York State, with a finished product that is sold mostly in New York City. To pay respect to this hyper-local ethos, we created a series of New York characters to represent each varietal. There's Johnny, the life of every party, the eternal bachelor. The well-dressed, charming guest who always brings a great bottle of wine. There's Donny, the self-proclaimed mayor of his block. He gets dressed in a blazer, or a fedora, or a full suit every day, even if he's only going to the corner bodega for a cup of coffee. Then there is Bonnie, the power broker, the Upper East Side society stalwart. 

We held an open casting of models, thespians, and character actors to find the right face for each varietal, and then shot them in the style of an Avedon portrait to create an iconic face to adorn each bottle.